Saturday, August 29, 2009

I had a Great Trip

The other day I took a trip to
Nudist beach. I only get to go nude about two times a year as my wife does not approve and I have to make excuses to escape. What a great day I chose, the sun was out and the sky was blue. Upon my arrival, after what was one hell of a journey, I found a nice piece of beach, sorted out my towel and snacks and got stripped off. It was great to feel the sun and wind on my body again, if only all days could be like this.

After sunbathing for a while I noticed several single men 'cruising' up and down the beach, what are they doing? it's people like them that get us un-attached males a name as pervs! Go to the beach, have a good time, but if you must 'cruise' do it around the supermarket=not on a nudist beach.

I did have a relay good day and look forward to the next one.

Please tell me your nudist experiences!

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  1. Again, red pubic hair. Beautiful. I'm sure I could maintain and not let my eyes drift to much. I might slip a little once in a while. For this, I apologize.

  2. lovely pics. NUDISTS HERE ARE REALLY GREAT. they all look completely natural and do not give any impression of vulgarity or porn. keep it up. a day may come when majority of humans go about naked and dress up only when the cold is unbearable.

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