Sunday, September 27, 2009

Another day in clothes

This morning I had to go shopping, I set off and the sun was shining, it was a really nice day. That set me thinking, why can’t naturists be accepted in to normal daily life? How nice would it be if you could get out of bed, shower and set out on your daily chores without the need for clothes? If only the population could get their head around the fact that nudists are not weird, we won’t attack you we just enjoy being naked!

Here are some pictures of people naked in public! Enjoy and why not try it yourself!!


  1. If only someone could persuade Blogspot to stop giving a 'Warning' for posts like this one!
    There is nothing shocking about any of these pictures, they are simply humans in their natural state. The 'warning' is about 'adult content', don't children have bodies as well?
    There is compelling evidence that children are harmed by prudish attitudes and they result in higher teenage pregnancy rates. America is one of the worst nations for this.
    So, blogspot, please think before you send out a message that there is something shameful about the bodies we all possess.

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